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Tuesday, 10 April 2012



This is Vanessa, I've shot her before but this is by far the best photo I've taken of her thus far! She brings such a confidence with her to every shoot. She feels so comfortable completely dressed up even though she rarely does, and I love the fact she gives over all trust in me posing her which enables us to capture such strong images.
 This photo reminds me of something you would see on a shampoo add or bottle, it's just beauty to a tee and thats everything I strive to represent within my photos. I love the color I got out of her hair the tone of her skin in this image. I'm so proud of this photo, it was worth the hair chalking process till 2 in the morning for sure!


  1. Lovely :)

    <3 Dave

  2. Defiantly worth it :)

  3. An execellent photo, you are lucky you have the talent for photography, stay with it. I was an amateur photographer back when you had to develop your film and print with chemicals, now it is a lot more fun and a hell of a lot easier. I am Aroundtheblockk, I follow you on twitter.