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Thursday, 23 February 2012



This model also happens to be the love of my life. He's so easy to shoot, and allows me to torture him with my creative ideas :)

These two images were taken at the same shoot, I just edited them differently. I had an idea pop into my head to glue tacks to a models face but when that idea slowly failed, I decided to get some simple beauty shots as well.

This was a two light set up, nothing fancy, just in my room. I actually wish the first photo didn't have the tacks on his face but, over all I'm proud with the lighting in both images and the colors in the second.


  1. He looks hot! :D I found this blog cz i see ur videos in you tube and you and Dave are so cute/perfect together!! and looking ur photos i can see u have talent!! congratulations!!!

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  3. Hi like patty said he looks hot. I think that the lighting is great and the colour as well, however i think that instead of tacks i think you should have written numbers and letters. I’m not sure but I think you said that your boyfriend work in IT therefore I think that letters and numbers would look nice. congratulations