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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


My classmates basically understood the story I was trying to portray in this photo. They explained how the girl looks lonely and how she doesn't necessarily look like she wants to be involved in making any sort of friends because she has headphones in and she chose to sit as far away from other people on the bus as she could.

I saw this girl waiting for the bus at the bus stop I take everyday. The whole 10 or more minutes we stood there waiting, she didn't look my way once. She seemed very she or maybe she was just having a bad day (no one knows what other peoples days have been like and what's on they're mind to be able to judge them for they're mood). While on the bus she still didn't look my way very much (maybe once or twice for the whole 10 minute ride). I decided at the last minute that this scenario would make for a good photo journalism shot and I knew it would spark interest so for the first time ever, I secretly took a shot of a stranger.. And I loved it.


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