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Wednesday, 2 January 2013



This is a beautiful girl I went to highschool with and although we didn't talk too much during that time, I have to say it was fun and comfortable to work with her! (I can only hope she felt the same) We took these photos a couple months ago now, my lack of inspiration took over and I kept setting these images aside instead of finishing them.

The editing to these photos were kept to a minimum, she has flawless skin and not much needed to be fixed! I will say that in the second two images I gave her hair a but more volume in post production, as well as a cool color tone with a slight golden flare.

A reoccurring lesson keeps coming up about needing to have more of a concept when I decide to create a shoot. I had a gorgeous model & beautiful scenery but I was lacking a vision to guide my images through developing a final outcome. I look forward to working with this model again, I'm excited to see what we can create in the future with a fully structured concept!


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