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Friday, 7 September 2012



I took these photos about month ago, and have had them pretty much finished for about two weeks and I'm just getting around to posting this entry now.. Better late then never I guess. I'm just glad I'm pleased with the way these turned out!

Me & Dave had an enjoyable weekend visiting with my Dad and family, just like always. I wish it wasn't such a drive for only a 2 night stay, or we would definitely visit more often. I don't know when the last time we had a picture together was, but I hope the next time I will have a better smile on my face. Still I liked this picture too much to pass up!

I tried keeping the post coloring to a minimum, just added a tiny bit of hue to make the water more blue. I love how crisp these images turned out, some of them more than others and all these ones 100% more than the rest I shot that day. I loved the anticipation of capturing a stable image while the boat was bouncing wildly over the waves!


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