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Wednesday, 25 July 2012



This is Laura! Later one evening, I posted a Facebook status asking if anyone was interested in doing a quick shoot just to calm my eager need to continue this new process of editing! Having been her first photoshoot, and also the fact that we aren't overly close and have only really hungout a few times, she was a little nervous at first but quickly warmed up as we began shooting!
Throughout the photoshoot I noticed how her eyes especially reminded me of the singer Adele, and I introduced her to the idea of a doing an Adele look-a-like photoshoot. I'm excited to have a makeup artist and hair stylist work with us in creating some look-a-like photos because I can honestly see the resemblance plain as day!
Although, I love the process, lighting & coloring to these images I find theme rather plain. I can't wait for the chance to use this model for a larger production shoot!


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