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Sunday, 11 December 2011


This is Dave, my boyfriend, the love of my life and he is an IT computer man.
So I decided to overly a bunch of computer chip like designs as if they were overwhelming him. At first I didn't know what to do for the background but then after I decided to add more of the design to create more chaos because it must be confusing working with computers.

This is Dana, she's a good a good friend and a hairdresser.
For this image I had seen a fashion photo in a magazine with the same silhouette style to it and I knew right away that was what I wanted to do with this photo. I edited her hair about double the size that it was originally and added some pink hues to the silhouette because plain black didn't really fit with the image.

This is Julie, she's an amazing new friend in my life and a makeup artist.
This idea came to me right away, her focused on the camera so the viewer feels engaged as if she was applying makeup to the lens. Although this image didn't go exactly as planned, I had originally wanted to put different color overlays around the image as if she had applied eye shadow, lipstick and blush but it didn't look realistic enough in my opinion. This image turned out so beautifully, it reminds me of the pretty little liars book covers and I love it.

This is Karill, she and I have recently become really close.
Although she is not a tattoo artist, I was attempting to portray her as so. This was an interesting photo to work on, it didn't turn out as I expected it to but I enjoy it as it is. (FYI, all the tattoos are fake.)


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