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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


For week four we had to simply document the field trip we had went on. The class I'm in (the second year photography) and the first year class went together on a trip to a beautiful beach about two hours out of the city. In the morning it was a bit rainy and cold but it turned out to be a really fun time!

This is a photo of 3 of my class mates and my professor teaching them a lesson about on location cross lighting. (Below I will post the image I took of my prof during this lesson).

This is a photo of a first year student, although I don't know her name or anything much about her, she and her friend were the only two who were wandering around the beach and actually interested in taking shots while on the field trip for the first year students.

Here are a few of the shots I took the day of the trip for "On Location Flash" photography. I really love how the lighting adds such interest in the photos, my parter classmate on the trip and I were shocked and excited at what a difference the lighting made.

This photo was the first set that I worked on that day. The girl in the photo is my classmate Kelsey. She's such a funny girl, so blunt and honest and honestly hilarious! I can honestly say our class would be at least 40% more dull without her.

This photo was the one I took during the cross lighting lesson. This man here is my Professor! He is an amazing teacher, and our class is very lucky to have been his first set of students.

So this here is Jess, She is my closest friend from College. Me and her just have a really awesome connection. We have a humor that most of the time only we understand and thats exactly how we like it. I love her cause she's pretty but sloppy, naturally.


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