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Sunday, 23 October 2011


So since we spent a week on exterior archetucture and a week on interior archtexture, our next assigment was to then do a spread which consisted of 3 exterior and 8-10 interior images of the new building that was added to our school this year.

After not being very impressed with our previous assigments this year, our teacher was blown away by all of our work for this assigment. He had a meeting with the some of the head people at our school and they agreed to buy a few peices from each student to help raise us money for our year end phtoosgraphy show. Also, he said the head people want to promote the school by sending out our photographs on billboards across the world, like in China! We were all pretty excited to hear about this and hoping it ends up getting done!
(These are just a few of the ones I handed in)


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