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Thursday, 29 September 2011


This week we had another specific mood we were trying to portray through our photo which was "LIGHT" (How ironic that we would do the opposite of last week right?). Same as the week before we could chose to either shoot "dark" subject matter or use post production to later jerk the viewers opinion on the photo.

This is a photo from another school assignment/class we had this week. This was a fake wedding photo session. I feel this photo describes "light" due to the run pouring behind the bride and how it makes her glow. I feel that the mood of the photo is very "light" and "warm" because as a bride she would have felt the most important and beautiful woman on the planet as she should on her wedding day) and I thought this photo showed that with her smile and the photographers all surrounding her.

This is a photo of my aunts dog (the aunt i'm currently living with for school). I feel this photo just speaks the word "light" and thats obviously why i chose to shoot this scene for this assignment. Everyday she spends most of her time staring out the window enjoying the sun (or actually outside enjoying the sun) and awaiting the arrival of her owner family.

Me and my fellow classmate (basically my best friend from college) went out shooting for this assignment one afternoon and I saw this man scoot by once and he was on a mission so I didn't get any good shots of him going past. After a while he returned going the opposite was and as she scooted on by he stopped to read each bench (there are plaques with people names on each bench, honestly I don't know why or what for).

I decided to use this photo in the bunch as well as the previous one of the old man on the scooter because I felt this photo was more "bright" and warm with vibrant color but lacked the interest and appeal that the first photo had. These photos made both us and the class laugh and I think the fact that it brightened us up to see the photos just made it that more clear that these photos fit perfectly for this assignment.


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